January, 2022

So, this Lockdown is/has been very tough on me. I always work quite isolated at my studio, but last weeks I’ve really missed being amongst and interacting with colleagues, friends, people. Although I’ve worked hard, painted a lot and made charcoal drawings, I felt really uninspired and down. Hopefully things will get better soon !!

I’ve had two intense DIA coaching sessions with Caren van Herwaarden. Got a lot of feedback to think about.

November, 2021

I was fortunated to be selected to attend the Drawing Inventions Academy (DIA) Mastertraject and I decided to dedicate the next 6 months to learning, experimenting and artistic growth. During first DIA session I was pretty shaken up. Questionmarks at everything I’ve learned past years. Quite scary but also very exiting !! What is going to happen…..?

October, 2021

A few days ago somebody asked me: ‘Hey Esther, do you only paint rocks ?” My answer: ‘Nope…I also paint lemon on the rocks !” 😀

During my residence at the AADK Spain, I spend a few days sketching at a beautiful lemon orchard. I just love to paint the lemons, still attached to the branch, touching the rocky ground.

Work in progress: ‘Lemon on the rocks’, oil on canvas, 40x40cm, available in time.

September, 2021

I’m having a lot of fun working on some pre-studies to decide what imprimatura to use to paint this monumental rock wall I discovered in Blanca, in fact…AADK’s backyard ! Such an amazing artist residence, I hope to return very soon. Meanwhile, this study keeps me occupied and off the streets 😉

Same scene, same ratio and colors, different imprimatura; Burnt Sienna versus Raw Umber.

August, 2021

on the easel again a ridge, but this time from a different perspective. The wall was a bit hollow and had a lot of beautiful colors inside. What makes this painting interesting is that at this moment the scale is not clear yet. This could be a really huge mountain ridge. Keep tuned in to see what happens when I paint in the final detail…

May, 2021

currently Im working on a painting that I already started in Spain, at the AADK Centro Negra. Its about volcanic black rock at the Ricote Valley, the Penã Negra. This ridge reminds me at some kind of ‘spine’ and that inspired me to paint it. It wil be part of the exhibition ‘Push/Pull/Present’ ‘Moving Mountains‘, at the CBK Emmen.

Unfortunately because of Covid-19 restrictions this exhibition will not be open to visitors…..yet. The exhibition is extended until July 11th.

April, 2021

also as a part of the exhibition ‘Moving Mountains’ will be a (temporary) charcoal mural at the CBK Emmen location.