AADK Centro Negra, Spain

In 2020 I was granted to live and work as an artist in residence for a month at the AADK Centro Negra in Blanca, Murcia, Spain. The project ‘Push/Pull/Present’ was part of the talent development program ‘Artist in Space’ by Noordenaars and supported by Kunst & Cultuur Drenthe and CBK Emmen. This grant was also made available by the Mondriaan Fonds.

And what a marvelous adventure it was…..

I travelled to Blanca in februari, just after a period that a lot of snow had fallen in Spain. Because I couldn’t bring my oilpaint, solvents and medium on the plane, I already sent the materials by mail two weeks in advance. Unfortunately I did not receive them in time because of mail-delay because of snow. In the end this has been very important for my stay at the AADK and my artistic process.

To give you an impression: